Dilling Truck Historical


After returning from serving in World War II, Richard Dilling Sr., established a plumbing business that served residential customers in Logansport Indiana and surrounding communities. A man who embraced hard work to accomplish his professional and personal goals, Richard Sr. lived the American dream by not only building a successful business but raising his children to adopt the timeless values of hard work, fairness, and consideration for others.

Richard Dilling Jr. grew up helping his father and learned many basic skills at an early age. After returning from an overseas tour with the United States Marine Corps in 1968, he joined the family business and immediately expanded the operations to target commercial, institutional and industrial work and clients. Since that time, Richard and his team have steadily grown the business by delivering “industrial solutions with exceptional value.”

Today, Dilling Group Inc. operates throughout the mid-west, south, southeast, and other select markets where core competencies of the companies provide strategic advantages.